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About ProHome

Since 1983, ProHome® International has been committed to being a visionary leader in the post construction industry by providing reliable and innovative Third-Party Quality Assurance Programs and Warranty Management Systems for thousands of clients. ProHome®’s reputation as the company who founded the concept of third-party “Quality Assurance and Warranty Management Outsourcing” is well-known throughout the industry. Local offices with “feet on the ground” staffing, innovative systems, cutting-edge technology and over 30 years of experience deliver increased customer satisfaction. Couple that with the decreased legal exposure and cost savings that the ProHome® system provides landowners, builders and developers utilizing the ProHome® system.

ProHome® is a wise business decision for your next condominium project, single-family development or commercial project. ProHome®’s “Suite of Services” is customized around your company needs and is delivered through a network of company-owned and franchised offices in over 150 markets nationwide. ProHome® works with you to customize programs specifically around your desired service levels, company customer service philosophy and budget.


In 2004, ProHome Michigan was formed under the guidance of ProHome International to provide a local presents to our Michigan Builders. As our growth expanded since 2004, our areas of coverage have reached out side of the Michigan market to cover areas of West St. Louis, Indianapolis, and northern Indiana. ProHome Michigan currently managing an excess of a 1,000 new home warranties annually for our Builders plus a suite of integrated service Programs including Quality Assurance, Residential Warranty Service, Home Maintenance, Commercial Warranty Service, Punch List Manager, Extended Residential Warranty Programs, and many more. If you require reduced risk and legal exposure, cost savings and enhanced customer experience, look no further than the Foremost Post Construction Authority. Whether your project is already under warranty, under construction or in the planning stages, let our professionals design and customize a program for you.

Why Builders Use The ProHome
New Home Construction Warranty Service

As a prospective Home Buyer, visiting several models, subdivisions, and Builders, many things are weighed as you evaluate and finally make your decision to build and who to build with.

Because customer service is so important to our builders, they we have followed the lead of some of the best Home Builders in the nation and hired ProHome to thoroughly inspect their homes prior to delivery and to assist their valued Homeowners through their entire warranty period. There are many positive reasons to have an independent 3rd party involved in the delivery and warranty process for our homeowners.


  • Having an inspection of your home prior to closing by an independent 3rd party verifies your home was built to “Residential Performance Guidelines” making the Builder accountable for delivering a quality product.
  • ProHome inspects the home, along with the Homeowner, and thoroughly trains each Homeowner on all of the products installed in their new home.
  • ProHome understands the value of tracking and documenting every conversation between Homeowner, Subcontractors, and Builders for future reference.
  • ProHome makes available, an online access for Homeowners, Subcontractors, and Builders to view outstanding and completed work orders 24/7 through an Internet based ProHome system.
  • ProHome performs additional quality warranty walks, at the Homeowners request, after 30 days of closing and again at the 11th month, to document, take pictures, and start the process for repair of each warranted issue defined.
  • ProHome provides 24/7 emergency service to give new Homeowners the piece of mind that their emergency issue is important and followed through to completion.
  • ProHome provides statistical analysis of all past warranty issues to their Builders so future potential problems can be corrected prior to becoming a re-occurring issue.
  • ProHome interprets the warranty for our Homeowners based on national guidelines and always tries to error on the side of the Homeowner and not on what a Builder feels should be passable.

A Word of Caution

You should always ask your prospective Builder what type of warranty process they have in place. If there is no Internet access to track your claims and documentation and they only provide a Contractors phone number for emergency service to let you fend for yourself, then there is a problem. Our current builders, who use an independent 3rd party “Customer Service Department” like ProHome, understand the value of good customer service and standing behind the products they build.

ProHome System Videos

Please view all four videos prior to processing your warrantable claims.